Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete or overlays are a viable option when considering stone, brick or tile for a flooring or patio surface. The visual effect and texture of a stamped surface is so similar to stone and tile that one can hardly tell the difference without being told the surface is actually stamped. However, the real advantage of stamped surfaces is the durability and low maintenance required. With stones or tile, there is always a chance the mortar or grout will loosen over time and allow the many different pieces to shift. This will not happen with a stamped surface, because it is a single structure.

A wide range of colors and coloring techniques exist, that will enhance the overall look of your finished product. Changing the color applications during various steps of the stamping process highlights certain areas, bringing out more of the surface texture. In addition to stamping freshly poured concrete, Stamped Overlays are an option for people who desire a stamped application on existing concrete surfaces. This should be considered when a property owner does not plan to change an established landscape, or would like the look and feel of a stamped surface in their building’s interior.

Step 1: Choose a Pattern

Step 2: Choose a Base Color

Step 3: Choose an Accent Color