There are several types of Overlays available to us that can either have the color in the overlay or can be stained and scored after application to mimic Stained Concrete.

One of our favorite overlays is a product called SkimStone.  With hundreds of color combinations available is it the most customizable overlay we offer. It is very flexible, resilient and comes in either a matte or high gloss finish.

The next in popularity is the Microfinish. It allows us to score and stain much as we would with concrete but with an amazing beauty that often times surpassing even Acid Stained Concrete. A self-leveling overlay is also able to be stained and scored but may be considered by most to be a step down from the Microfinish, however it is slightly more affordable. For those that are looking for a little texture in their floors, we also offer Stamped Overlays that show off the three-dimensional aspects of this choice in a very unique and interesting manner. You can choose from the same color and pattern choices as with our exterior Stamped Concrete.