Acid Stained Concrete

Acid Stained Concrete is a beautiful, cost-effective and permanent treatment that can either be performed on a new or existing slab if 1) it is a good candidate and 2) if it is prepped right. New slabs are almost always good candidates and are fairly simple to prep but there are precautions that need to be taken in order to ensure the best possible product. We provide a list of those precautions to all our customers and their contractors prior to the beginning of construction to avoid these pitfalls.

A remodel project, where carpet, tile and/or linoleum must first be removed, should best be left to the professionals. It is crucial to handle the slab in a certain manner to ensure the surface is prepped correctly. At best, it is a tremendous amount of work, even with proper experience and tools. Many times we follow behind homeowners that have just given up or other companies that have, frankly, “punted” and started using drastic measures (sanding/grinding) to remove paint, mortar and mastic. This removes the top layer of “cream” leaving behind a dusty mess and concrete that looks more like terrazzo than burnished concrete. If you are looking for acid stained concrete, our goal is to leave the top layer of concrete intact so that the burnished concrete enhances the acid staining to create a beautiful floor.

Decorative Scoring is often added to enhance the look of the stained concrete flooring. It can be utilized to create a simple “tile” pattern, a border or a completely custom design of your choosing. We use a specialty saw with a diamond embedded blade to cut down into the slab 1/8” deep. The lines are shallow enough that they do not collect dust and dirt once they are sealed.

Acid Stains are basically available in 8-10 colors across a variety of vendors. We like Kemiko and Elite Crete Stains for their quality, consistency and ability to be diluted or mixed for even more color options. We also have a variety of final finishes from high-gloss to low-luster appearance with acrylic, urethane and epoxy sealers.


Click here to see photos of some of our stained concrete projects.