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When deciding the best flooring option for your project, there are many questions that need to be asked. Frankly, there are a host of options out there that can make this process a bit daunting if you are not talking with experienced concrete flooring experts. However, we can quickly narrow down your options based on your needs and the condition of existing concrete. On the other hand, you may be dealing with someone who is a bit of a “one-trick pony” and may be trying to sell you on his/her only product and, by default, making that your only option. BUYER BEWARE! We want you to be as well-educated as possible to ensure you make the right decision and are a happy customer. Hopefully, our design center can help guide you through the process of choosing the right flooring for your style and needs!

Concrete vs. Overlay vs. Coating

If your concrete is in great shape then the news is good! You can have any of the above. Your most cost-effective choice for enhancing your concrete is Acid Stained Concrete with our standard finish. Of course, if you need something a little tougher or chemical resistant we offer a urethane or epoxy finish. We also offer water-based products for staining and sealing if you should desire those.

If your concrete is in poor shape, you need to make some design decisions.  These may lead us down the path to an overlay that can be stained/colored or a coating that will provide you with both beauty and extreme chemical resistance if necessary. Most often times the “final look” is what has the greatest bearing on this decision. Shiny or Matte finish, Traditional or Wild and Crazy we can do it all!

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